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A Trojan Horse: From Austin’s Commercial Real Estate Industry

Occupancy Limits Ordinance

Occupancy Reduction Ordinance, March 20th 2014

President of Northfield Neighborhood, Mike Wong, responds to Civic Analytics report

Affordability Impacts of Proposed Changes to Occupancy Limits in Austin, Civic Analytics

Multi Family Housing in Single Family Neighborhoods

City’s Housing and Development’s Affordability Impact Assessment and StopStealthDorms’s Response

Rental Registration Ordinance

November 21st City Council Resolution

Northfield Neighborhood Association, Combating Stealth Dorms

Northfield NA Position Paper on Stealth Dorms

Proposed Dorm Duplexes at 718, 720 and 722 Harris Avenue: Fact Sheet

Safety Study Request_718, 720 and 722 Harris Ave. Proposed Development

Lawsuit Against Cutsinger and Cole: 2013-05-06 Original Petition (file stamp)

Remarks to City of Austin Environmental Board re: 718-722 Harris Avenue, May 1, 2013

Appeal to City of Austin Board of Adjustment re: 718-722 Harris Avenue, May 13, 2013

Lawsuit Against City of Austin re: Overburdening Alley Serving 718-722 Harris Avenue

Occupancy of college towns (pdf)

Families and Children Task Force Report Recommendations
June 24, 2008

Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hyde Park Neighborhood Association


This website is the product of the collaborative efforts of individual residential neighbors who live in Central and North Central Austin and whose neighborhoods are threatened with devastation by stealth dorms. All blog posts are attributed to their authors. For more information or media inquiries, email stopstealtdormsatx@gmail.com.